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We are happy to share our member Cristián’s Sepúlveda Ruiz, CEO of created plugin for chatbots!


This is WheelBOT, the first Wheelio for chatbots

WheelBOT is a free plugin for chatbots that will allow you to gamify conversations and funnels, adding fun to almost any chatbot.

  • Available for Chatfuel & Manychat
  • The free version allows 3 sections that you can customize as you want
  • Up to 3000 subscribers
  • 2 languages, english and spanish
  • Attempt control (once a day or unlimited)


the evolution of WheelBOT

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Customize colors
  • Up to 20 fully customizable sections
  • Use graphics
  • Modify the probabilities of each section
  • and much more, starting on USD$5 month

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