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Animals at the Lithuanian Zoo communicate through a messenger and donate prizes

Zoo communicate through a messenger

An unparalleled project by the “Colifa” company “Interact with animals”. Project began in Lithuanian Zoo located in Kaunas on July 11, 2019. Zoo animals interact through messenger and tell about themselves and their relatives.

MB “Colifa” develops chatbots and aims to “talk with things and animals”. They were inspired to talk with animals in Lithuania Zoo by their love and successful launch of their first project . First project “Talk with cars” – TOYTOJA RAV4 and LEXUS UX.

Animals communicate via messenger

Animals communicate via messenger

The first animals, that have their own messenger, live at Lithuanian Zoo – you read correctly – they have their own messenger! Now you will be able to “communicate” with giraffes, wolves, iguanas, and owls via the messenger gadget. To start visitor will need to scan a QR code with a QR code reader. (an exception for Iphone holders, who just need to turn on the camera and point it to the QR code). When your phone detects a QR code, you are asked how to open it you need to choose Messenger. The conversation begins by pressing the “Get started” or “Start” button.

Interesting and fun presentation of facts

There is a lot of information about animals, however there are not many people who like to read a lot. In this project, information is presented with only 5 facts about the animal. It is done in a fun way. Just read how one of the questions sounds:

“We do a lot of sports, look after our figures, and run long distances throughout the day, checking our territories and looking for food. So how much do you think our muscular body weighs?”

This is how the animals communicate through the messenger. Most of people will probably agree that the information presented in this way is not only excellent, but also well memorable.

Animals communicate through a messenger and present prizes

This “Colifa” project received a lot of support. Partners and friends “Kaunakiemio pramogos” have joined the project without hesitation.

What gifts await visitors who interact with animals

The project partners, by consensus, distributed animals that more closely matched their entertainment!

Thanks for hanging out with the wolves: Baltutis and Sagute

Says the indoor go karting arena “Vilko kartodromas”. They gives everyone who talks with wolves a gift – 5 Euro discount for 20 minutes go karting! Every Monday, wolves will give a winner a raffle gift of a SUPER PRIZE – 52 Euro gift voucher for a company of 4 people for 10 minutes go karting in “Vilko kartodromas”!

Thanks for interacting with the giraffes: Griaustinis and Nino

Says the all-year-round “RIO SPORTO ARENA” and gives everyone who talks a gift – 5 Euro discount voucher. Every Monday, one of the interacting visitors, by random, will get giraffe’s SUPER PRIZE – 30 Euro for one hour visit to “RIO SPORTO ARENA” for a company of 2 – 15 people!

Thank you for interacting with the iguanas: Bonapart and Josephine

Says a different laser space “KA-ringas” and gives each communicator 20 percent discount per game. Every Monday, an iguana will give one of the interacting visitors a raffle a SUPER PRIZE – 66 Euro – for 6-persons company visit to “KA-ringas” laser space.

Thanks for interacting with the owls: Estela and Stelas

Says the escape room “DP60” and gives everyone who talks a gift – 10 Euro discount per game! Every Monday owls will give a SUPER PRIZE for one of the interacting visitors – 40 Euro for 6-person company visit in the “DP60” escape room.

Going to Kaunas Zoo in Lithuania pays off! Share this message with your friends and increase your chances of winning prizes!

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