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Who we are?

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We are global – we are chatbot’s developers!

We connected chatbot developers from around the world and we add new partners every day! You no longer need to search for a company or freelancer who will create a chatbot for your business – here you will find most of them! Our team members can speak and write in 15 languages! We are living and working in 15 countries!

How we work?

Step by step…

1. Needs analysis

The first and very important step is to identify what client and their business needs.

2. DEMO version preparations

Depending on your needs, we shall create a DEMO version of a Chatbot special just for your business.

3. Share DEMO

We shall share the DEMO with you for a trial period after which you will decide your final needs on the Chatbot.

4. Chatbot developer's selection

Depending on your needs, difficulty, deadline, language and other criteria , we shall find the best Chatbot developer for you.

5. Contract signing

To confirm our deal, we shall sign a contract and start working on your project.

6. Transference

When creation of your chatbot is finished - we shall make transference of all services to you.

We can offer you more services: technical service and trainings. Please contact us to get more information.

Need chat bot NOW?  

Buy a prepared chatbot template

This is quick and cheap way to have chatbot for your business. How it works? 

  1. Have a look to the description about prepared chatbot: watch video or contact us
  2. Then your message will be passed to the owner of chatbot template. And they will contact you.
  3. Then after your purchase you will get instructions on how to : create an account on the chatbot platform, install chatbot, connect your Facebook page and Gmail with chatbot, change information inside blocks and how to use it.

THAT’S IT! You can enjoy your time because now your chatbot works instead of you!

Can’t find what you need? Feel free to Contact us

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